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Hobart’s Ella Rudkins Athlete Spotlight Presented by Jackson County Orthopedic Clinic

Ella Rudkins 

Hobart High School

VYPE: Ella, what grade are you in and how long have you played softball? 

Rudkins: I’m in 10th grade, I’ve been playing softball since 8U, and I’ve loved it ever since. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite teacher at Hobart High School? 

Rudkins: One of my favorite teachers at Hobart is Mrs. Quintero, I love how she comes to every game to support all her students and how she is so caring and supportive towards all of her students and student athletes.

VYPE: What makes being a student at Hobart HS special? 

Rudkins: What I love most about being a student-athlete at HHS is the small-town feel. I also love that I’ve been able to grow up with best friend Harper since kindergarten. Another thing I love is how everyone is always cheering everyone on because we all know each other. 

VYPE: What do you like most about the softball team this year? 

Rudkins: Something I love about my teammates is how encouraging and uplifting everyone is. If anyone is ever down, they will be there to lift you up. 

VYPE: Do you have a teammate who inspires you? 

Rudkins: My teammate Emma Grey and her work ethic really inspires me and encourages me to work harder every day.

VYPE: Who on the team keeps everyone laughing? 

Rudkins: Harper Talley always makes sure everyone is laughing and having a good time on the field and at practice. 
 VYPE: Are you involved in clubs or groups at school? 

Rudkins: I am in Junior Main Street, FCA, FCCLA, Math Club, and Student Council, Oklahoma Honor Society, and National Honor Society.  

VYPE: What’s one of your favorite memories as a student-athlete so far? 

Rudkins: Some of my favorite memories come from the meals we have after games at restaurants, spending the night together at hotels, and long bus rides. VYPE: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
 Rudkins: In my free time I enjoy golfing, sonic runs with Harper and Finnley, and hanging out with my nieces and nephews. 

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