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9 Questions with Altus High School’s Kendall Dodson – Presented by Frazer Bank

Vype: Name and Grade?

Kendall: Kendall Dodson; I am a Sophomore

Vype: How long have you played Tennis?

Kendall: This is my fourth year playing Tennis.

Vype: What makes being a student-athlete at Altus special for you?

Kendall: Being a student athlete at Altus brings responsibilities to preform my best in practices as well as on my work in school. I take pride in the amount of effort and dedication that I give to each one of these very important things

Vype:  Do you have a favorite place to play? Why?

Kendall: My favorite place to play is the OKC tennis center. Their facilities are beautiful and hold many of my favorite memories.

Vype: How do you define leadership? What do you do to example leadership with your team?

Kendall: leadership is initiative, it is doing what you’re supposed to do without anyone watching and being an example to everyone around. On my team I show leadership by warming up and doing all of the conditioning that is not my favorite, but is expected of me without complaining.

Vype: What clubs or groups are you involved in at school?

Kendall: At Altus High School I am involved in Nation Honor Society and outside of school I am involved with my church youth group and student lead Bible study every Tuesday mornings, as well as an all girls club called KAY Klub.

Vype: Name three people you would want with you in a zombie apocalypse?

Kendall: The three people I would want to be in a zombie apocalypse would be, my uncle Robert because he seems to be prepared for every possible situation. My dad Scott, because he is very outdoorsy and resourceful. Finally, I would want my aunt Tricia for her amazing social skills so that she can hopefully reason with the zombies.

Vype: What do you love most about your teammates?

Kendall: The thing I love most about my teammates is our strong bond, through tough workouts and long tournaments we have grown so close.

Vype: Who on the team keeps everyone laughing, who is the most serious and who has the best impression of your coach?

Kendall: My teammates Madie Whittaker always keeps everyone on the team laughing with her funny, outgoing, personality.

Vype: What is your favorite pre-game and post game meal?

Kendall: My favorite pre game meal would be something light like grapes or a granola bar, however after the game I love to get chicken strips from Braums.

Vype: What opponent do you look forward to playing this season?

Kendall: The person I am looking forward to playing this season is my teammate Chloe Collingborne. She is so fun to play and we are on the same level so our matches last a long time and you never know how it will turn out.

Vype: What are your plans after you graduate?

Kendall: Once I graduate I plan on attending college and going to med school to get my degree to do something in the medical field.

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